Having a good night’s sleep is essential to a happy and healthy life, and the right mattress can make a world of difference to the quality of your sleep. On the contrary, sleeping on the wrong mattress can ruin it all for you!

Therefore, choosing the right mattress is extremely critical, and we are here to help you make the best choice with this comprehensive mattress buying guide developed by experts at Anna Mattress.

What to Consider when buying a mattress?

Most people go for mattress buying following the wrong approach. There are many features and aspects to keep in mind while buying the right mattress, which are often ignored by buyers. These factors include:

types of mattresses

At Anna, we’re all about quality. We ditched the cheap stuff in favour of premium materials and technology that are designed to give you the an excellent sleep experience you demand. Our mattresses are built to be durable and long-lasting, yet also soft and comfortable. Our foam conforms to your body shape for better alignment and pressure relief, while our pocket sprung base adds extra long term support for active sleepers.

foam mattress

Mattress that’s right for you. Our foam mattresses are designed to give you the comfort you need, with layers of different foams to cushion in all the right places. No sinking feeling here.

hybrid mattress

We know you love your sleep. So we created the best hybrid mattress ever! Our pocket springs are wrapped in our soft foam and sandwiched between layers of top notch materials for a real treat come bedtime. And because we’re practical, we offer 3 types for everyone to choose from: In-Betweeners, Luxury Lovers and Simple Shoppers.


Firmness Level

If you seek a mattress that supports and relieves pain and stress in your body but, at the same time, feels soft and comfortable, check out the Anna Mattress. Our mattresses fall near the medium-firm end of the firmness scale. Therefore, these mattresses won’t feel too stiff to feel tough against your body, nor will they be too soft that it sinks, making you feel uncomfortable.

Sleep Position

There are different types of sleepers who need different types of mattresses. Some of the most common sleeping positions with the mattress that best suits their needs are:

  • Side sleepers: This is the most popular sleeping position and the one that’s typically recommended by doctors and sleep experts. The most suitable mattress for side sleepers is the one with a soft to medium firmness level as it helps keep their spine perfectly aligned. If you sleep on your side and you are using a mattress that’s too firm, it will lead to too much pressure on your hips and shoulders, ultimately resulting in body ache and uncomfortable sleep.
  • Stomach sleepers: Although this sleeping position is highly discouraged by doctors, many people still choose to sleep on their stomachs. For such sleepers, a more firm mattress is more suitable as it keeps your pressure points from sinking in too far.
  • Back sleepers: Back sleepers often wake up with stress and pain that’s because their mattress is often not right for their sleeping position. For such sleepers, mattresses with medium firmness are the best choice.
  • Combination sleepers: if you sleep in various positions throughout the night or move a lot during your sleep, then it’s best to opt for medium firmness mattresses as they will best support your various sleeping positions by adjusting to your body.

Anna Mattress Comparison Table



 Anna Hybrid

Anna Premium Gel

Anna Original Foam

Anna Sleepover

Cot Mattress

Anna gel
Visco Elastic Memory Foam
High-Density Foam
Open Cell Foam
2000 Pocket Spring
Encapsulated Walls
Non-Slip Backing
Viro Clean Covers
Removable Covers
Roll Packed
Box Delivery
Cotton Layer
Wool Layer
25cm 25cm 25cm 12.5cm 7.5cm
Firmness (1-5) 5=extra firm
3 4 4 3 3