Anna Sleep represents sleep from yesteryear when sleep was not a routine but was a very favourite pastime.

We have built our mattresses after acquiring a vast amount of knowledge from a number of experts, including sleep specialists, chiropractors, and most importantly, from you - the customer! We have considered all the feedback and are now proud to launch our latest range of mattresses for people of all ages and sleepers of all types.

We keep your comfort our top priority!

Our mattresses are specifically designed for individuals who want to ensure a comfortable sleep so that they can not only enjoy a peaceful world of dreams but also wake up fresh, happy, and free of all physical pains.  We think that sleep is not just a routine or a necessity, but it also helps our posture, relieves us from pain, and eases our stresses away. But all of that is only possible if you sleep on the right mattress, and that’s what we aim to bring to you!

Anna Sleep has an extensive luxurious range of mattresses from pocket sprung, memory foam, and Gel to the Visco Elastic range.

Here at Anna Sleep, we are constantly striving to improve and innovate. We pride ourselves on the quality, uniqueness, and presentation of our products. We also believe that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. Hence our motto is "A sale is not the end of a transaction, but the beginning of an obligation”.

*Leading mattress supplier

*Reputation is the key to success

*Customer feed is imperative to further improving and developing

About Anna Mattress Cover – Our Specialty

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has transformed everything, including our approach to mattress development. It has educated us on how to try to avoid infections and how to stay healthy.

Anna sleep provides an answer to this new reality with our innovative removable mattress cover that combines anti-bacterial properties with a reducing effect on viral activity. The active component (CAS nr. 27668-52-6) in our mattress cover targets enveloped viruses such as SARS-COV-2 (better known as coronavirus), influenza, and H1N1 and has proven effective in quality control performed by an external certified lab MLS (UK).

Testing results on the Feline coronavirus showed a decline in viral activity of 82.62% after 2 hours of contact on our treated cover (100% PES). We are not just thinking about the virus but also the environmental consumer push before the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we have selected a sustainable, non-metal-containing, non-leaching, recyclable technology, the cover is Oekotex-compliant and will not cause skin irritation